Zlatko Vasic
the message is not just a picture plane icon but each goes much deeper
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The art works of Zlatko Vasic are both stunning and shocking in their honesty. There is so much thought and energy flowing into and out of these works that seeing them is a conversation taking place in real time. Each of his unique works demands your attention. The surface images grab you and the messages is forced into your sub-conscious. Although these works are not abstract in the true sense, they remind me of what Marc Chagall said:
“What I mean by “abstract” is something which comes to life spontaneously through a gamut of contrasts, plastic at the same time as psychic, and pervades both the picture and the eye of the spectator with conceptions of new and unfamiliar elements…”
This well fits these art works. Plastic skin, plastic fabric and plastic objects fill these works. The message is not just a picture plane icon but each goes much deeper.
I have watched as Vasic’s works have progressed and his unique grasp of the human condition and reaction to daily life through his work still bring the same excitement as they did when I first saw them two years ago. The difference in Vasic’s works and that of many other contemporary artists is his attention to detail and the level of emotional energy that flows into each work. The experience of seeing Vasic’s works is similar to watching a horrible accident and walking away, knowing that you are safe and sound while such tragedy exists around you.The message stays with you. We struggle as a species and most times we survive to become stronger, and more resilient to withstand the next struggle. Vasic states that the goal of his artwork is, “a metamorphosis of the soul which enables us to change into what we are”. This is achieved with great emphasis on changing who we are from the experiences we view in his work.

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