Valérie Depadova
the spontaneity takes part in a sharp aesthetic emotion
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الجزائر (Algérie) 

From her childhood, passed in Bou-Haroun, on the Algerian coast, Valerie DEPADOVA keeps peaceful images. Sensitive to the aesthetics, her father brought from Black Africa objects which fascinated her: a pictorial work with surprising ethnic connotations arose from them.
Africa is an inexhaustible source: a reflection of an identity which arises, its ground shall nourish her inspiration. The stylization of the human forms and their disproportions, the protuberant or collected lines, the often asymmetrical but always dynamic postures of the characters, point out the African statuary. From this personal and rythmic approach of our anatomy, emanates a direction of vitality and force which illuminates each
If a clamp of pulley becomes a body, it means there is a message to transmit... And then the eye: this nude representation of the eye offered to the vacuum in the triangle of the faces.
Avoided for the crusade, the exorbited iris departs in search of a truth which it considers to be panoramic. This well beyond its function propelled eye, is not without pointing out the esoteric pupil of Horus.
Vectors of resurgent impulses, the fabrics on the off-set subjects invite the glances with a slow evolution. By her aptitude for the renewal, Valerie DEPADOVA connects art to the most important events of life, thus giving her works a social dimension.
In this pictorical languaje which focuses on living beings - both human and animal -, the revolved thoughts of the artist are expressed without concession. In a great vitality of expression and through evocative titles which suggest us the obviousness, they ask us to reflect. Thus, hardly disguised, the questions of the painter about our predatory world are delivered us.
In an expressive and ochre universe where the spontaneity takes part in a sharp aesthetic emotion, the mouths dug in the faces emit quiet howlings. It will be noticed: the style of Valerie DEPADOVA accepts the individual variations. The freedom of the forms, the angular articulation of full geometrical, don´t evoke certain cubists dashes... Singular paintings of this artist are those of the living spirit . Because what is shown us, goes far beyond the glance and can carry out until fright.

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