Ksenia Sic
is a reflection on the subject of memory
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I am a artist-painter, member of the House of the Artists in France.
I live, work in the Nogent-on-Marne and exposes regularly in France and sometimes abroad.

is a reflection on the subject of memory, moving and our environment.
I use the photo camera as a working instrument but do not exclude the use of painting, installation in space and printing media.
My approach is based on the idea that we all carry images and sounds in our memory, deriving from places where we have never been. Beside our artistic activities we have started to go to places that are different to our place, following the occurring circumstances. In this way we have constituted memories, a source to re-construct our personal and common memory.
I have chosen to use the panorama for shooting, because of its double demonstrative value : significant in the same time of our physical position in a specific moment and of our vision of the landscape. Considering the memory of the landscape, the image becomes a shape of our memory in the way of constitution.

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