Ronald Llanos
I find myself researching how people interact with each other in the public environment…
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USA (Vereinigte Staaten) 

The German Dada artist Max Ernst once said: “there is art about art and there is art about life”. My work resonates with the latter. I envision myself as a visual anthropologist of early 21st century urban Los Angeles. Using figurative drawings and paintings in a hyper-realist fashion, I’m attempting to capture subtle narrative moments in public/social situations where people find themselves engaged in the social interactions of life in urban America.
I find myself researching how people interact with each other in the public environment… Two hipster, 20-something year-old Asian-American women, are walking in front of a nearby Barnes and Noble, talking about their latest workplace drama while drinking coffee and buying clothing from a nearby fashion store… A group of gutter punks are in line at a local fast food restaurant on a Sunday morning, all relating to the same environment in their own juvenile way… At your local super market, an employee rests on a bench outside and directly in front for a moment, interacting only with himself and his workplace environment, while his 50 cent generic soda fizzles away in the afternoon light. These are the narratives that spawn my curiosity of urban life.
Some of the figurative artists that I admire are Honore’ Daumier and John Sloan. Both of these artists documented the interactions of people according to their time period. In my current work, I , too, am aiming to capture and document the lives of people in my time. Those relationships of people are a source of inspiration in my work.
The ephemeral subject matter that I choose to portray demands a quickness of production. Because of this, watercolor, pen and ink on sketchbook paper are my medium of choice.

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