Stan Plonish
as simple, ordinary things are fine and majestic
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Россия (Russie) 

In the childhood I dreamed to bake cakes and sweet pastries. ))  Because all admired them. Also because I adored their.
Now I create still lifes and I hope that they will remind about  the pleasure of the silent contemplation and give you feeling of harmony and happiness.
As simple, ordinary things are fine and majestic.
All my still lifes  are an original handmade paintings, created on a canvas with oil.
The respect of past masters's skills of craftsmanship, the strong classical school of painting, the inspiration and the love to the nature and certainly you, the grateful spectator, - it is all that helps me create my artworks.
Recently I have received the invitation to an exhibition Florence Biennale 2009 which will take place from the 5th to the 13th December in the historical Fortezza da Basso in Florence. And I dream to participate in it. So I shall be grateful for support.

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