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ישראל (Israël) 

Elie Levy (Manu),a French Israeli artist painter, developed in his paintings, oil on canvas, an expressive individual style close to the surrealistic fantastic one, characterized by realistic images, which appears within non-realistic context and questions the interrelation between reality and fantasy. The images in the paintings can be or cannot be connected with reality.
The artist is using in his works strong and warm colors, which creates an atmosphere that takes the observer into the world of imagination, dream and legend.
Elie Levy exhibited his paintings at several galleries in Tel-Aviv, Israel, such as Chelouche gallery, Amalia Arbel gallery and the Third Ear gallery.
In January 1999, Elie Levy exhibited his works at the H.N. Bialik Museum in Tel-Aviv. This exposition was opened by Prof. Nurit Knaan Kedar, Dean of the Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Arts. The paintings expressed the impressions of the artist from Bialik's poems and emphasized the relation between paintings and poetry.
In October 1999, Elie Levy exhibited his work at the "Tzavta Theater" and in December participated in an exhibition at the "The Avni Institute of Arts".
The exhibitions of Elie Levy received enthusiastic reviews in the communication media.
In October 2000, the artist participated at the IV International exhibition of Independent Contemporary Artists, which was held at Barcelona, Spain.
In April 2002, Elie Levy presented one of his selected work in "The World Art Collections - The beauty of the world in 1001 works of art" published by the 2000 Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The Artist was selected by the "International Scientific Committee" of the Florence Biennale and participated in the "International Biennale of Contemporary Art" which was held, during the month of December 2003,in Florence,Italy.
In July 2004,he exhibited his works in the Bet Gabriel Gallery.The exhibition was titled "Fantasy in Colours".
In April 2005,he took part in the International Art Exhibition featuring Reasons to love the Earth, held in The Leeuwenburgh Museum in Utrecht,The Netherlands.
Elie Levy is currently living in Israel and before he had lived in Paris, France, and had stayed for three years in Africa.

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