Gavin Mayhew
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United Kingdom (Angleterre) 

I am an artist based in Westgate, Weardale, Co. Durham. Originally an art teacher, I left full time teaching to pursue my own artistic aspirations.
My schizophrenic repertoire of work ranges from the depiction of movement in dance, music, sport and nature to my ‘dark side’, a gruesome array of Gothic humour mirroring life, politics, war, pollution, death and all that stuff.

During the summer of 2008 I exhibited work at an arts festival in Tübingen, Germany. The festival was entitled '4elements' and included an exhibition, poetry, music/dance, and even an aquatic art performance. Representatives from four countries - England, Germany, France and Italy participated. My daughter, Leony was involved in the making of a giant latex whale in the dance recital and a figure hugging whale costume used during the water sequence. Each of my paintings exhibited depicted one of the four elements. They were 'Dark Fire, Dark Air, Dark Water, Dark Earth, with Dark Elements being the key painting. I also exhibited a sculpture and photo montages. The project received excellent revues. A high quality catalogue was published showing the work of the artists, photographers, dancers and musicians involved...

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