Karen Hovakimian
to bring happiness and joy to people, to create bright colored works to make life more interesting
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Հայաստան (Armenia) 


I’ve started painting since I was 6 with color pencils, which I kept under my pillow. When I was 8, I painted a picture called "Ararat", which was exhibited in the state Gallery of Children’s Art, in Republican Center of Aesthetic Education in Armenia. After that exhibition that picture was taken to the USA and never brought back. In those years I was painting just for my own pleasure. Now the main objective  of my creation is to bring happiness and joy to people, to create bright colored works to make life more interesting and multicolored . When I was a child, I had never thought that painting pictures will be a source to earn for living. It had never occurred to me that a picture might be sold .For many years I have painted and presented my paintings to people. Nowadays, under the existing social and economic circumstances I have to sell some paintings to keep my family. My art is an expression of movement, rhythm and speed. I’m fond of sports and I dedicate many my works to the football stars like Beckenbauer, Kroiff, Platini, Zidane, Baggio and others.  As I’m a great football fan, I have a great whish to organize an exhibition of football stars paintings. Love music (classical, jazz or pop), it makes me "dance" with my brush. I have also many artworks devoted to famous singers and musicians.
My special wish is to great a piece of art on a stage, before the onlookers accompanied with music and corresponding sports scenes on a display.
In the year 2000 I had chance to visit Paris and Amsterdam. My dream is to create such works of art, that many generations feel happiness and joy, like I felt when looking at masterpieces of famous artists.

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