Jessica DeBattista
a woman's imagery that is strong, complex and ambiguous
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Malta (Malte) 

Jessica Debattista is a Maltese artist who has been on the artistic scene for more than thirty years and with a substantial output of works behind her.
She studied art at the Malta Government School of Art and also graduated in History of Art at the University of Malta.
She is a council member of the Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and for a considerble time was also the editor of the art magazine, 'ARTNEWS' issued by the Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. She was also a regular contributor of articles about art in the above mentioned magazine.
She has had several personal exhibitions in Malta and Gozo and also participated in collective exhibitions abroad such as England, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Russia, andLibja.
In 1995 she received the Le Touqet prize for a Self-Portrait on printed fabric at the First International Biennale of Malta.
In 2003 she was awarded 1st prize in Sculpture at the 5th Malta International Biennale.
Her works are found in private collections and museums in Malta and Abroad.

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