Karen Grabowski
the creative spirit lives within us all
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"Karen Grabowski grew up in a family where creativity was encouraged, and where curiosity was the motivation to try new ideas. Arts and crafts of all sorts were a regular part of activities, and she and her siblings enjoyed the freedom to explore and experiment with many ideas and materials.
After the death of her father-in-law, and then her father and her dog in close succession, Ms. Grabowski found that she needed and wanted a way to express what their lives - and all life - meant. Words were simply not enough. Reconnecting with the freedom of expression she learned as a child, she now works to create paintings that celebrate life.
Bright colors and intricate detail are essential elements, with designs that range from mandala-like symmetry to more abstract visuals ... but all paintings share in common a sense of joy, freedom, and healing.
Ms. Grabowski continues to develop her personal style and skill through experimentation, personal exploration, and insights she has gained as a student of life and a Reiki practitioner. She believes that the creative spirit lives within us all ~ all it requires is a bit of faith, a bit of determination, and the ability to give ego a place on the sidelines for long enough for the wonder of the Universe to fill us with its endless sense of perfection."

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