Rikke Darling
I want to express my views on society in my own way
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My expression is characterised by aesthetical texture with a touch of something feminine. Up close, all my paintings have sophisticated and curious details. Interesting and curious shapes are created with templates and sprayed on, and three-dimensional effects add beautiful texture to the painting. My figures are almost like a drawing in the painting and are half transparent, creating a light and delicate expression.
In my paintings, I want to express my views on society in my own way.
Sometimes the story istold through the figure StyleGirl, putting focus on our culture and values. At times with a critical perspective, or at times philosophical or merely descriptive. I relate to everyday life; little funny reflections and important social issues. For example, what are we saying to each other, what values are important to us?
The woman of today must be perfect in every respect. Profound, intelligent, cool, beautiful, hot and funny. How can one be special and profound and still perfect on the outside? I call my recurrent figure StyleGirl. StyleGirl is a woman of the fashion world. She is forever young and is always standing in a flattering position, almost posing for the beholder. Legs and arms are long and slender, and the body is in focus, not the face. StyleGirl is not an individual, but part of the setting. She will always match the surroundings; an interesting element of the stage. Thetechnique is based on the fashion sketch, depicting the models with a light and elegant expression.
I have painted my whole life. Through the years I have exhibited my work in a number of art societies, and my customers include both companies and private individuals. I co-operate with several galleries.

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