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Belgique (Belgium) 

"My mixed media paintings are created by using drawing, painting, photography and collages. All this in both traditional and digital integration.
Shaping I usually do only with my hands. The combination of drawings, paint and collages should be brought up quickly, I do not want to think about it.
It is the snapshot of the battle between creation and destruction what is so important.
There is no preconceived plan, an idea perhaps, a subject that previously was thought of. During the process the subject leads a life of its own, the painting becomes a dialogue between perceived reality and human impulse.
My inspiration arises from a release of mental barrière, only the currently existing individual feelings are important. Probably further enhanced by the music which I listen to.
The subject of my paintings is usually the human form, sometimes  figurative but they always appear from the abstraction.
Working with mixed media is for me the ultimate way of painting, especially because I am always amazed what new is floating on the surface."

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